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"This brush makes my beard look better than ever and my wife loves how soft it makes my beard feel. This is a great purchase at a great price as well. Really like it!!"   -Kevin Harris

You Need the Beard Brush™

We know that majority of men, with an amazing luscious beard, have all experienced the same dreaded problem, you wake up in the morning and you have no idea how to groom that beard before you go to work (and your wife is yelling at you too).

With the Beard Brushyour beard will always look cleaned up and ready to go.

Grooming Reimagined For The Perfect Looking Beard

The Beard Brush™ is a unique grooming tool that will change the way you groom your beard. It is truly a revolutionary tool, that will do wonders for your beard and help you get even more compliments!


35,000+ Happy Customers

What are you waiting for? Join thousands of men who have groomed their beard! Your beard will thank you!

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The Beard Brush™ - Heated Beard Straightener

    ✅ Works On All Beard Types

    ✅ Grooms Quickly

    ✅ Softens Your Beard

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1. Why Do I Need The Beard Brush™?

You need the Beard Brush™ to free your beard from unwanted knots and curls that make your luscious beard hard to tame.

The Beard Brush™ will also keep your beard nice, soft and presentable. Not only will your beard thank you, but so will everyone around you.

2. How To Use The Beard Brush™?

The ergonomically sound design allows you to effortlessly groom your beard in a very short amount of time. Just plug it into the wall, choose your heat setting (Low or High), and make sure your beard is dry before using.

Then simply brush your beard as you normally would, (brushing slowly helps) and you'll see how your unruly beard will transform into a beautiful and presentable piece of art.

3. What Do I Get?

1x Beard Brush™ + 1 Beard Balm and Wash Monthly Subscription Plan

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All orders ship in 24 hours and shipping takes 3-5 days (We know FAST shipping is important, therefore we try very hard to send out orders quickly).

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